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Why use wordpress for your website?

Often people ask us why should I use WordPress? Why do I need to switch? If you are asking these questions you are in the right place. We have suggest a few reasons why you should use WordPress in ways you can use WordPress and who uses it.

With almost a fifth of the web now running on WordPress, why are so many people choosing this platform?
Due to its robust features, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites including but not limited to: Time Magazine, eBay blog, Usain Bolt ( Yes, the fastest man on the planet uses WordPress too!), PlayStation blog, The Rolling Stones and more.


WordPress is used by millions of people every day. Has been carefully developed over the last 11 years to make it incredibly user-friendly. This makes it perfect if after we have set up and build your website. This can then update your blog regularly without web coding knowledge. If you have never used WordPress before, we offer training after we have developed your site.



WordPress is the perfect platform to allow us to design creative, professional and innovative websites to your specification.
WordPress is ready for mobiles


WordPress is ready for mobiles

If you think all your customers are visiting your website from a pc or mac, mobile website usage is exploding. If your website doesn’t look great on smartphones or tablet your customers will skip it and go elsewhere.
Lots of themes we design are intended to be responsive (mobile friendly)
The WordPress dashboard is design to be mobile friendly so your manage your website on the move.


WordPress is absolutely Free

WordPress is free software, this means you are free to download, install use and modify. You can use the software to create any kind of website. There are various free and paid for themes and plugins available, to create the exact website you require.
To run WordPress all you need is a domain and webhosting. We recommend either one.com or 123-reg.


Is wordpress Safe

WordPress is developed with security mind and is considered quite safe and secure to run any website. However, as you will know, the internet can be a uncertain place at times so make sure your host has good security in place.



We can completely customise your WordPress site, not just with your logo and colours, but with a fully bespoke website design, which complies with your brand guidelines, and also contains all the content you require.