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Email bespoke signature design

Email bespoke signature design

With email signatures being the modern equivalent of business letterheads, a properly branded corporate email signatures has never been more important to a company’s image.

All members of staff should have a consistent design look for their email signatures as this is now the front line of corporate branding. At The Digital Studios we develop beautiful email signatures that follow your corporate identity.

Properly designed branded email signatures that follow your corporate identity should not have graphic files which show up as an attachment as this causes unnecessary clogging of inbox’s and confuses the receiver when an important attachment is really sent. Email signatures need to be crafted, built and installed for different email clients/applications for both sending and receiving.

Email signature design and build service

We can design an email signature template for your business based on your branding. Once this is approved we will code this up and then duplicate this template for every staff member of your business with their correct email address, phone numbers and job title.

These can then be installed into staff members email client programs such as Outlook by following these instructions: