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What is PPC Advertising

The term PPC advertising comes up a lot within the field of digital marketing.

Pay Per Click advertisements helps to boost the awareness of your website even if you have not, currently ranking highly on search results.

PPC advertisements are basically the results that come up either at the top or at the right-hand side of a search results page.

They are there because that organisation has paid to be listed for a range of keywords and terms, including the one that you, the user enters, allowing them to be found by a wider and newer audience, generating new sales leads and increased turnover.

You have probably clicked on a paid advertisement at some point whilst online, possibly without even knowing it, and this click is then charged to the advertising business for the lead to the website via Google Search.

Do I need to use PPC Advertising

Pay per Click advertisements can help you target a narrowed down demographic such as locations and therefore improve your local customer base and can also spread your reach across other areas that organic SEO can’t target, such as social media advertising via the likes of Facebook.

On the other hand, if you are just starting to climb the ladder of Internet marketing, PPC is a great way of giving you a leg-up over competitors.It helps you get recognition from audiences that aren’t currently finding you if your website is way back in the results pages and if you’re ranking on the first page already, it reinforces your site more than any other as you are appearing more than your competitors!

So, in short,  Pay per Click advertising is a cost-effective and targeted digital marketing technique to help your customers find you more easily. Find out how to get started today by calling us on 07922138513 or email us on info@thedigitalstudios.co.uk