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Printing Terms You Need to Know

Have you ever found yourself Goggling what DPI, bleed or any other printing terminology that is in the printing process? We realise that a lot of these terms aren’t in everyday use To help you with this we have put together this guide to help you master print speak!


1. Artwork

Another word to describe your design.


These are the four main colours that are used in printing.

3. DPI

Stands for Dots Per Inch and are used to measure how much detail in an image. More dots per inch, the better quality of the image. 300 is the ideal measurement for print!

4. GSM

Grams per Square Metre This is the most popular way of measuring the weight of the paper. The higher the GSM
number , the heavier the paper.

5. Laminating

A thin plastic film which is used to coat the paper and increase it’s durability to create a premium finish Gloss, Matt and Velvet lamination are popular.

6. Proof

An example of your work that you can check for errors and approve before the artwork is sent to print.

7. Stock

The name that is given to the paper or card to be printed on.

8. Bleed

Area around the edge of your artwork where you extend your design. The printer can then trim the paper to the correct size cutting the bleed off, with out leaving any visible white lines on your design.

9. Crease

Those permanent lines in your paper or card that help you fold the product easily.

10. Font

A set of letters , numbers and symbols that have been created to look a certain way . The design is called typeface.

11. Gutter

The margin between two facing pages that is left to accommodate binding a pamphlet or booklet.

12. Saddle Stitch

Booklets that are bound together using metal staples.

13. Safe Zone

The suggested space you should leave around the edge of your artwork to ensure that your design won’t be trimmed.

14. RGB

RED , GREEN, BLUE are the three main colours that are used to create screen based images.

15. Perfect binding

The process of gluing individual pages together using a spine to create a booklet. For example, paperback books are perfect bound.

16. Crop Marks

Those solid black lines that appear in the corner of submitted artwork . They are used as a guides when cutting the product  down to it’s finished size.

17. Die Cut

A shaped cut out of a leaflet or brochure.
If you need help with your printing process. Get in touch, we’re always happy to talk it through your printing project.