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Embedding Facebook posts on your website or blog

What are embedded posts? 

Embedded posts are a great way to engage your audience and share content across both your Facebook page and your website or blog. Embedding your  Facebook posts onto your website lets users know that you also have a social media presence, and vice versa.

What should I be mindful of when embedding my posts?

Only public posts from Facebook Pages and Profiles can be embedded. You can check whether or not your post is being seen publicly by looking at the small icon next to the post’s date, at the top of the post. If you see a globe icon, that means the post is public – and you’re good to go!

How do I embed my post?

Click on the arrow icon that appears in the top right corner of the Facebook post. Then select “Embed Post” from the drop-down menu that appears.

A popup box will appear with the code to embed your post. Copy the code at the top of the box and paste it into your web page’s (or blog post’s) HTML code

A few notes and tips about embedded Facebook posts…

  • As per the above, only Public posts can be embedded.
  • If you embed a post and the author later deletes the post (or changes it so it’s no longer a public post), the post won’t appear on your website. A message saying that it’s no longer available will show in its place.
  • You cannot change the size of the embedded post. The size of the Facebook post on your web page will be the same size as it’s shown on Facebook
  • If you embed a very long post, it will get truncated on your web page. However, your website visitors can click on “see more” to display the full post within your web page.
  • Videos in embedded posts can play directly on your website.
  • If you are having trouble embedding a post on your WordPress blog, try adding the code right before you save/publish your post, before switching back to the “Visual” view in WordPress. When you switch to the Visual view it can mess up the embedded code.

Final thoughts…

What’s your experience? Do you use embedded Facebook posts on your website or blog and has this been a useful tool in expanding your audience?


Featured image via Pexels.


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