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Benefits of Email Signatures for your business

Have you ever thought about celebrating the success of your company within your business correspondence? Email signatures might just be the answer. 

Email signatures are a powerful, yet often overlooked method of promotion which can boost sales, drive brand awareness, and really showcase your marketing efforts. 

A while back, The Digital Studios put together some information on bespoke email signature design and the technical key components of building these but crucially, what are the benefits of having a really slick company email signature and how do they make a difference when it comes to communication with your partners, clients and prospecting customers.

Email Signatures Increases brand awareness

The inclusion of a business signature within corporate emails makes your company’s brand instantly more recognisable and every employee who uses an email signature, in doing so, reinforces the company brand. Your signature should include all the necessary brand identity elements such as company name, logo and company colors. These should always be included, in everyone’s signature, as a minimum. Most email recipients will appreciate the uniformity of your company’s email structure and ultimately, uniformity conveys professionalism and professionalism definitely sells.

Facilitates quicker access to contact details

Your business signature is a really helpful aid for people you’ve been in continuous correspondence with and enables them to access your contact information at any point during your email conversation. Always make sure you list all of your key contact details at the end of your message. It can be a landline number, mobile number, or your Twitter handle (see below for more on this). Whatever works best for you and will ensure your contacts can reach you as quickly as they need to.

Social media icons are currently a must. At the very least, you should include a click through to your LinkedIn profile so that your contacts are able to connect with you within your professional online platform. If you are using Twitter or any other social network professionally, you should definitely include these too.

Promotes services, products and/or offers

A promotional banner in an email signature can be a smart way of publicising your company. So what areas can and should you focus on?

  • Products and services
  • Blog posts
  • Deals and offers
  • Events and webinars
  • Key content such as articles, case studies, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Newsletters
Cost-effective marketing

Outsourcing management of your marketing channels and using third-party sales tools can be time consuming and costly. Linked with the above, consider using email signatures to direct your customers to relevant updates and promotions that may be of benefit to them. Best of all? Creation of your email signature is a one-off cost and could save you money in the long-run, at the same time as getting you noticed and potentially boosting sales and revenue.

Drives traffic to your website

When you add a signature to email messages, the company website URL is critical. For a variety of reasons, it’s likely that recipients will click on a link; to find out more, to confirm their assumptions, to actively engage further or just in error. You can experiment and change the URL link within your signature, directing your contacts to specific pages of interest; landing page, contact page, about page, a portfolio page; or to the company blog. The golden rule for this is making sure the links within your email signature are relevant and useful to the person or people you are engaging with.

And finally…

When managed effectively, email signatures are a powerful marketing tool that can generate real results in terms of grabbing the attention of potential customers and driving sales. They are a feature of any big name company (and brand) and are bang on trend right now. At The Digital Studios we are proud to have designed and built a vast number of bespoke email signatures, for a broad range of clients. If you’d like some examples of our work, or would like to explore how email signatures could work for you, further information can be found here and all our contact points are here. 

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