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Why use Twitter Lists For your Business.

Are you using Twitter for your business?

Want to organize your Twitter stream?

Twitter lists are a useful tool for collecting influencers, engaging Twitter users and creating feeds that are focused around a certain topic. Twitter allows you to make lists private so they are only seen by you or the public so, they can be seen by everyone.

When creating public lists, give them a relevant and interesting title to encourage subscribers. Twitter has recently allowed users to have up to 1000 Twitter lists and each user can have 5000 accounts in the list.

Here are 7 ideas for using Twitter lists.

1.Staff directory for your team

Find all your employees who are on Twitter, and collect them into a list.
These lists can reveal a lot about the culture and the people behind the brand and business. If you’ve got anywhere from five to 100 employees, lists like these can be a really intriguing to follow. It’s a great way to integrate new employees into your current team, because they can easily find and connect with others in your company through the list.


Are you interested in striking up a conversation with a company or individuals you would like to work with? Add them to a prospects list.

3.Industry players

This list includes twitter users who work in your specific industry and not just the ones with whom you compete for customers. This list is essential for keeping up to date with industry and current trends.


When it comes to events, Twitter Lists allow participants as well as those unable to attend a means of staying updated with the event. Using a hashtag related to the event allows anyone interested to contribute to the topic and the event. This list also provides an opportunity for people to keep in touch afterwards.

5.Client List

You may want to put together a list of your clients so you can stay abreast of their activities and what they’re sharing on Social media and twitter. For lists like these, you can set them to “Private” if there may be some reason to keep anonymity of who you work with. This privacy setting comes up when you are creating the list, and you can always change this setting later.

6.Things to do in your favourite City or Town

It would be silly to follow every bar, restaurant and entertainment venue in your city or town, Add your favourite venues to a list to keep up with their list offerings.

7.People you regularly engage with on Twitter

Making a list of these people will help you stay abreast of the conversations you would contribute to generally. A list will make it easier to find these users away from your Twitter timeline.

Hope you’ll find some great use out of Twitter lists. There are so many different ways to use this feature from Twitter. Just described the 7 we have featured here there are clearly unique ways to put them into practice.