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WordPress Powers 30% Top 10 Million Websites

The numbers  W3Techs came up with are based on the scans it performs of the top 10 million websites as determined by Alexa rankings. The process takes three months to average the results, and based on this WordPress holds the lead.

Of all known content management systems, WordPress holds a 60.2% market share. It is being used by more sites than Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and Joomla.

Back in November 2015, WordPress had hit 25% mark. After two and a half years, WordPress has hit the 30% mark and reached a new milestone. With this, WordPress now powers 30% of websites.

On March 2nd Matt Mullenweg , Co creator of WordPress tweeted the approaching milestone.

It should go without saying that the entire web is much larger than 10 million sites; it’s actually closer to 2 billion sites. Although a majority of those 2 billion sites are inactive. Check out Internet live stats for this statistic.

When you consider that WordPress powers nearly a third of the 10 million sites receiving the most traffic on the web, this is a fairly significant milestone for the company.

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