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3 tips that can help in improving your social media engagement

Social media is a competitive and overcrowded space. Over the last year, more and more people have taken to using social media as a primary means of connecting with the outside world; be it with friends and family, to catch up with the latest news headlines and/or buying goods and services online.

With around 3.2 billion users worldwide, standing out in the social media crowd is no easy task. As a business, you will find yourself spending time and money on creating eye-catching and informative content for your social media channels when, unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the engagement you deserve. If this sounds all too familiar, it could be time to mix up your social media strategy.

Make your customers feel engaged

The number one rule in establishing a more organic social media framework is to communicate with your audience. Building relationships with your followers is more important than ever right now. You may not have the capacity to release all of the time you require to fully interact with your audience but as a minimum; replying to your follower’s comments, commenting on their posts and answering your DMs will go a long way in improving your engagement strategy.

A great example of this is Greggs. As a business, they respond to all of their customers, all of the time. Whether it’s a complaint or a bit of light-hearted banter, they rarely leave a response unmanaged. This approach has led to increased public confidence in them as a brand, knowing that as a business, they take their customers’ views, and their contributions, seriously.

 Use visuals

Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content so inclusion of photos and graphics in your social media posts is a must. Photos and infographics which evidence your products and services in action – and the solutions they offer – will have a direct impact. These act as a visual demonstration of the value you can deliver as business. Including an image,GIF or short video in your social posts makes them attractive to a wider variety of users and makes them accessible to all.

Quality Over Quantity

While there is no hard and fast rule dictating how many posts you should be making each day, quality content should be your top priority. Posting engaging, relevant and useful content once a day will be much more beneficial to your followers than continuously spamming them with content they don’t want to see. It will take time to work out which posts appeal to larger audiences though, so in the meantime, keep experimenting!


And finally…

There are so many things you can do to improve your social media channels. Sometimes it may just be a case of switching up your style or freeing up time to run the data and / or scope any opportunities you may be missing. If this has given you some food for thought and you feel you might need some further insight or guidance, give us a call. We are always here to help.