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Is it time to consider replacing website sliders?

The use of sliders is a regularly recognised feature of many websites. Various types of sliders or slideshows have been deployed on websites for years and they have previously come to the fore as a result of the expectation of consumers to be able to quickly access the information or products they need within the shortest number of clicks. 

Many business owners choose to feature sliders within the design of their webpage as a method of prominently and immediately showcasing what they have to offer. Sliders additionally allow organisations to feature several content pieces in one area and present the end user with the option to interact in a single movement, in a fairly straightforward way. 

It’s not all rosy though and there are downsides to using sliders. Namely, performance and accessibility. So in this post, we ask the question, is it time to ditch sliders and or at least consider other options? And what are the alternatives?


Hero Areas

Hero areas can be just as attention grabbing as sliders. They tend to focus on a single item and can be built to focus on conversions, without hurting performance or accessibility. Below is an example of how Spotify have used these:


Card Layouts

Multicolumn card layouts have been around for a while. They can be visually appealing and can adjust beautifully to smaller screens (with mobile optimisation being a crucial element of any great website). Below is an example of how Etsy are using the card layout to showcase different product categories within their website.



We have chosen to list this as our last option for a reason. It’s still an option and a good alternative option BUT it’s not great for load times. However, back over to the positive side, video does add interaction and additionally allows you to add key points within a single space area. If you can ensure that the production of your video content is good and the content of the video itself is strong and relevant, you absolutely can make this a positive experience for your users.


Lead Generation Form

A lead generation form will encourage visitors to provide their contact information (and other important details) and from this, they should get something from you in return. For example, you could use a contact form to encourage users to sign up to a mailing list, to request a quote or a callback – or by way of confirming a reservation at your restaurant e.g.

And finally…

There are several alternatives to using sliders on your homepage and those listed are the most commonly seen alternatives. The most important elements of any great website will always be strong design, ease of use and navigation, optimised and efficient speed and the ability to view and do from any platform, be it desktop, via laptop, tablet or on a mobile device. However, if you can be creative in all of these areas and ensure your website stands out, you’re on to a winner

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