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Why you shouldn’t stop SEO efforts during COVID-19

Here are the reasons why you should continue with search engine marketing during Covid-19.

All over the country businesses are reevaluating their budgets as a result of the pandemic,  including their marketing spend. But don’t stop SEO!

Putting the brakes on your SEO campaigns might not be the best move for your business. There’s a long list of reasons why but since many of them overlap with each other, here are the main ones.


People still need products & services during the Covid pandemic 

Despite what some people on Facebook and Twitter say, the world is not coming to an end. People still need products and services.

In the wake of government advice on social distancing, we’re seeing a big shift to online shopping, as consumers and business owners seek to get what they need alongside minimising their risk of exposure to the virus.  

Don’t be too quick to abandon your online marketing. What the high street may lose in physical footfall, you can make up with using SEO and savvy marketing.


Google doesn’t stop its algorithm updates

Google is continuing to update it’s algorithms with the occasional significant update, as usual. At the time of writing, the last major update was in December 2020. From that perspective, it’s business as usual for Google and all other mainstream search engines. Google will continue to reward the websites with the most consistent strategy of sending the right signals for rankings. If you don’t send these signals, your competitors will gain an advantage.


SEO is a long game, changes now don’t impact right away

The thing with SEO is that the changes you make now can take some time to reflect. This is the main reason why stopping SEO would be such a terrible idea for your business. You can stop SEO now, and nothing much will change for a little while, but it will have an effect in the coming months. If the impact of COVID-19 eases off in the next four to eight weeks and you’ve stopped SEO now, there is a huge risk of losing that springboard back into business, as things return to normal.

 This post wasn’t designed to scare or worry you further but simply to share the realities of cutting marketing budgets when realistically, your business will need them now more than ever. With an increase in home and remote working, more people are online and more people are  searching, they’re using social media more. Use this as an opportunity to engage with them, build brand trust and the conversions will naturally follow. All you need to do is to make some slight adaptations.


Eventually things will get back to normal

It may not feel like it right now but things will get back to normal in time! Those businesses who have slacked on their SEO efforts will certainly feel the pinch in the new world. We are aware that SEO takes months to truly see a difference. After all, you don’t hit spot one on the SERPs overnight. Those who undertake dedicated SEO and PPC campaigns today will reap the rewards further down the line.


And finally…

During these difficult times and as people turn to the online world more and more, SEO and PPC is one the most effective ways to make sure your business appears front and centre to those who need you. Now is the time to increase your efforts, rather than pausing them.

 We are on hand and available to help boost your business so don’t hesitate to contact us today.