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Lockdown 3.0 SEO opportunities and strategies

It’s time to start thinking about strategic planning post-Covid-19. So without further ado, here are some opportunities we’ve identified that you can start working on now, to improve your SEO and to ensure you are ahead of the crowd, once we are past the pandemic.

Stay ahead with Google trends

More people are at home, which means more people are at home searching online. We suggest close monitoring of Google Trends to identify the questions and topics people are searching for, which directly relate to your industry.

To identify emerging trends, you need to focus first on your business and the keywords which are essential in making your business stand out to millions more online users. We don’t believe it should be onerous, subtle modifications to existing keywords may be all that is required. For example; if you deliver an online learning platform, modifying a search query to include “at home” could create a significant spike in demand for your product.

If you can stay ahead of the data you collect, you can recognise the relevance to your business, which means that you can create content based on the same topics.

Once your content is out there, you stand a much greater chance of delivering the resources your target market actually needs, whilst improving your SEO and driving more traffic to your website. Which could then lead to that all-important conversion to sales.

Monitor Google Search console & keyword rankings

Make sure you are regularly monitoring your Google Search console for keywords and changes to them. If you are not monitoring this closely, you will miss out on opportunities to change your approach and on how people are finding you.

Exploding Topics

We highly recommend tapping into Exploding Topics. This platform has the ability to aggregate data across search engines, conversations and mentions across the web to formulate emerging topics. They can then curate that list into an easily digestible interface, which gives you the power to drill down further (by time period and industry e.g.)

Build up your content bank

Consumer behaviour is shifting and the pandemic guarantees that users will search and behave differently than before.

Having a stockpile of great content ready to go, ahead of time, means you are already at a significant advantage against your nearest competitors. 

And finally…

Whilst amending your content might not convert in the short term, what it can do is lay the groundwork for future consumer interaction with your brand – and your products and services. You are ultimately future-proofing your business for life after lockdown.

In the meantime, you shouldn’t stop your SEO efforts just because of current constraints and Covid. We strongly believe that there are always opportunities out there.