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Have you tried newsjacking?

When a major news alert is generated within your industry, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to draw attention to your own content. One of the most effective ways to do this is by piggybacking on trending topics and articles or “newsjacking”. And when it comes to newsjacking, all publicity is good publicity, as far as your business is concerned. 


So when a news event takes place, use the opportunity wisely and take the time to blog and create great social media posts. In general, make sure you leverage the press coverage to attract and generate relevant, qualified leads to boost your sales potential.


Where do we start?

When the news alert flashes up, the first question you should be asking is how do we harness the flood of media attention, on a topic we have a full grasp of, whilst turning it into brand awareness of our products and services?

The amount of media attention a news item gets dwindles over time so it’s important to act quickly. The faster you can pounce on an emerging story, the bigger benefits your business will see.

Producing high-quality content such as articles, blogs, posts and discussion topics which are relevant to emerging news items can help your website capture the traffic of trending keywords and search queries. Grab yourself a slice of the social media buzz too by keeping your social media channels updated with similar content.


What are the benefits of newsjacking?

Put simply, the reason big news items are valuable is because people are interested in them. People want to read, discuss, and learn about the trending topics of the day. They will more often than not take to search engines and search fields within mainstream social media channels to research and find out more. This is where your opportunity for exposure lies.

Newsjacking presents a unique opportunity for businesses to ride the media coverage of a popular story and draw attention to what they have to offer.


What should we be mindful of?

While newsjacking can be incredibly valuable to your organisation, it has to be implemented effectively. You have to piggyback onto the right trending topic. The news item must be relevant to your business and the services you offer otherwise, you risk attracting the wrong users to your sites and therefore the chances of conversion to sales is diminished.

The news story only has to be tenuously related to your industry, though. Using ourselves as a recent example; when Google rolled out their latest core algorithm update, we at The Digital Studios were ready ahead of time and made sure our blog covering the new update was released simultaneously. Our primary aim was and is to provide relevant content which is informative to the reader and in turn, when it’s on a trending topic, it’s an opportunity for us to harness the increased exposure and direct those with a particular interest to our website.



In summary; great marketing is underpinned by regularly producing relevant content and therefore establishing yourself as a knowledgeable industry authority. You can expand the reach of your online presence by ensuring your sites are kept continually updated. By getting into a rhythm with this on a regular basis, you can ensure you are ready to pounce when the next news event takes place.

Discover how we can raise brand awareness, increase sales, and grow your business by getting in touch with us at The Digital Studios.

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