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Why You Should Always Use A Professional Email Address for your business

Imagine you’re looking for a Florist online, you want to find a reputable professional who can be relied on and, after scrolling through several websites you decide on one to contact.

It all looks good till you read ” Email me at sarah.flower.xxx@hotmail.com. Also, consider if you are meeting someone at a business networking meeting, and you meet a builder, and they hand you their business card and tell you to get in touch at davethebuilder67@yahoo.co.uk.

Unprofessional email address can ruin the credibility of a business very quickly. With professionalism in mind, don’t let your brand make a terrible impression with an inappropriate email address. A custom email address can help your business to be taken seriously. Assuming you have the web domain, use your providers online tools to create your companies email addresses. This will help you in several areas for your business. When you buy a web domain name and hosting through a hosting service you get a number of email address with the package. You can then create your own bespoke address suitable for all aspects of your business.

Email Branding

The email address steve.phillips@car-valeting.org incorporates the business brand name. Users can even make a guess about what the URL of your website is too. Giving your email address to people is becoming an indirect way of promoting your companies web address where steve.phillips@gmail.com gives potential customers no indication of where they can find you online.


A professional email address creates an air of authenticity. Using SEOspecialist147@yahoo.com, on the other hand, simply does not convey trust.


So many people use free email services that finding a username is difficult. This is why you will find people often have to add numbers or words or maybe a nickname to find an available username option. The lack of new username options means that getting an email address with one of the popular, free email platforms now requires creative thinking and compromises.

In contrast, emails set up with your own domain can be simple and streamlined. Some options include:

  • [firstname]@domain.com
  • sales@domain.com, support@domain.com, enquiries@domain.com etc.

Easy to setup

There so many benefits of using professional email accounts and they are easy to setup when you purchase your domain and hosting.

In conclusion email addresses are not something any business should compromise on.  They create a great impression on your client or customers and make your contact details memorable and not embarrassing and unprofessional.

If you have any questions at all about setting up your email accounts get in touch with us or drop us an email.