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4 Latest Watermark Apps For Android

In this blog post, we look at the various different watermark apps that are available for Android devices. So you can protect your images. There are a number of reasons for why you would need a watermark app maybe you are selling a product online or you are a photographer or a content creator.

we’ve made a list of 4  watermark apps for Android for you to choose from and use to protect your content.  



Photo Watermark is a useful watermark app for android because with it you can apply them anywhere on your picture.

This app also lets you use stickers, different font sizes, colours and transparency to create your Watermark.  



Salt as it is not only designed for the watermarking but it possesses other features too from Crop and resizing of photo’s. This app helps to integrate the company’s logo or watermark with the professional look. SALT is available for free, however, will need to pay for the more advanced features.


iWatermark Free


iWatermark Free has enhanced functionality which enables you to add a watermark in multiple pictures.  It has two options either use the already clicked pictures from gallery or click through the camera and add the watermark by uploading it into the app, protects the pictures or artwork using a QR watermark or a visible text/graphic.  


With Watermark Free you can create content and use your logo  & adjust its size, transparency, rotation, alignment and use it as a watermark.  The app lets you use different fonts & colours  This Watermark app for android is one of the most downloaded apps for watermarking in the play store. 


Have you tried these apps? What did you think?